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Critical Illness Insurance | Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness Insurance was invented in 1983 by Dr Marius Barnard. He saw first hand, the
devastation caused by Critical Illnesses to both those diagnosed and their families.

Critical Illness Insurance is a tax-free lump sum insurance policy that pays out if you are diagnosed with a specified Illness within the term of the policy. The main three illness definitions that catch the vast majority of claims are heart attack, stroke and cancer. According to cancer research, more than 1 in three people will develop some form of cancer within their lifetime. This statistic alone makes Life and Critical Illness Insurance worth paying for.

Imagine if you were given odds that you had a 1 in 3 chance of winning the lottery? Would it make sense to buy tickets? Critical Illness Insurance is just the same, you pay to protect what you have. To learn more about the illnesses covered, please visit the Definitions page. Also, please visit the Statistics page too if you are still unconvinced.

Due to advances in medical science it is possible to diagnose many Critical Illnesses earlier now and to treat them accordingly. Many years ago these illnesses would not have been diagnosed and would have resulted in death at which point a life insurance policy would have paid out. Critical Illness Insurance takes care of you while you are still alive. Indeed, many people who suffer a Critical Illness go on to live for quite a few years afterwards and this trend is growing with each year medical science advances.

Is Critical Illness Insurance right for me?

No one expects to be ill, let alone diagnosed with a serious illness but it happens. There are 289000 diagnoses of cancer alone in the UK each year. Most people who suffer a Critical Illness cannot work during treatment and many cannot work for a long time after treatment. Clearly Critical Illness Insurance Cover would take the financial strain off at a time like this. Imagine what you might need the extra money for?

Paying off the mortgage?
Paying for additional treatment NOT covered by the NHS?
Paying for your home to be adapted due to the nature of your illness
Paying for carer's fees - your wife or husband might still need to work to continue bringing some money in
to take care of the future for your family?

There are many reasons why this type of cover makes sense, but it has to make sense to you otherwise it is simply not worth having. Many people think that if they are diagnosed with a Critical Illness the NHS will treat it and they can go back to work. The NHS has waiting lists and often enough those who have the funds (from their own policies or their own savings) use them to pay for immediate treatment which isn't covered by the NHS. Also, it may be comforting to think that your wife/husband can take care of you during treatment but the effects on them during this time can be just as devastating. If you cannot work, can your partner be expected to take a long time off work to care for you both emotionally and physically? Could you afford that without Life and Critical Illness Cover?

Clearly the statistics alone make Life and Critical Illness cover worth paying for but surprisingly only 7% of the UK have some form of cover. The best time to arrange cover is now, don't put it off. Every year you delay it, it becomes more expensive and the chances of you being diagnosed and NOT having cover in place are too scary to think about.